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When is the Best Time to post on Social Media?

Published: June 29, 2019
When is the Best Time to post on Social Media?

Does this sound familiar? You’ve created some awesome social media content for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. showcasing your business and clients. It's engaging, eye catching and has the perfect balance of images and text. However, when you go to post it, the post doesn’t seem to get the engagement it deserves. What gives?!

Have you considered that it could be the time of day that you are posting? Although individual audiences may vary, there are generally "high engagement" times of day for each of the major social channels, and posting within those times can make or break your online engagement.

We've made an at-a-glance infographic for you demonstrating the best times for social engagement. And don't worry if those times of day don't fit your schedule...with an Elevate Marketing account, you can schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and then continue on with your busy day, or subscribe to the Consumer Touch campaign and allow us to post for you throughout the week.