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The New Norm Tactical Practices for Brokers & Agents

Published: April 01, 2020
The New Norm Tactical Practices for Brokers & Agents

Watch Frank Chimento, Elevate's VP of Brokerage Development and Julie Vanderblue of The Vanderblue Team and The Higgins Group as they discuss boots-on-the-ground management of today's brokerages under what could become "the new norm". In this hour-long webinar, Julie will walk attendees through the SWAT analysis she has challenged her agents to complete, as well as tactical day-to-day practices she’s implemented and/or expanded on during these challenging times. Brokers & agents alike will benefit from tuning into this “take action and get it done” webinar.

Get the downloads & data mentioned in this webinar at: tryelevate.com/thenewnorm