The Importance of Being The Local Expert

Published: February 01, 2019
The Importance of Being The Local Expert


Today we want to focus on the importance of being local.

As a real estate agent, about half of the clients you deal with are going to be new to the area (more than half if you've committed to working with primarily buyers). Have you thought about the opportunities that come with that? You can be the go-to person for all the new families in town. You can convince the buyers that they're better off using your services since you're the local expert.

When someone is moving to a new area it's so easy for them to just search the hashtag the locals use (i.e., New Orleans uses #nola, Austin uses #ATX) to show up in the Instagram feed for that particular hashtag. This concept is the most popular on Instagram, but can be used on Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, too.

Here are our best tips for proving on social media you're the local expert:

1. It's easy to build a brand on Instagram.

It's as simple as sharing pictures from your every day life with a little story or review. From your favorite local eatery, clothing store, or park, this will help establish that you are the local expert. Don't forget about events you go to and famous landmarks in your town, as well. Make sure to have the location turned on, and tag it with your local area's hashtag. You can even just take one afternoon to drive around your city. Take 30 pictures in an hour and you instantly have an entire month of content.

2. When your vendors do awesome things for you, share it!

Giving praise to your partners not only makes them feel great, but it also helps boost others' confidence in your business and your ability to make deals happen.

3. Write a blog post of the best Christmas light displays around town!

Post and share it on all of your social media channels with gorgeous pictures you took. Throughout the year, think of other kinds of lists you can create. For the spring you can do "Best plant stores in (your town) for spring gardening" with links to each shop's website or Yelp page. And perhaps for the summer you could write a "top 10" list of the best things to do during the summer in your city. These are quick to write (20 minutes, tops) and people tend to share this kind of stuff on social media more than any other type of content.

4. Include all of these local content concepts into your monthly newsletter.

You need to also include links out to your social media channels (which will also helps build awareness of your social channels).

Go forth and be awesome!