Is a CRM Platform Still A “Must Have” For Agents?

Published: August 02, 2017
Is a CRM Platform Still A “Must Have” For Agents?

Customer Relationship Management platforms (CRMs) have been around in the real estate industry for what seems like ages now, presumably helping agents by providing them with more tools, greater insight, and saved time when working with leads and clients. And yet, is spending your valuable money on a CRM system really worth the investment? We believe the answer is a resounding YES.

Using a good CRM platform provides you with valuable client insight, incubation tools for your prospects, and a plethora of additional tools and features to turn them into clients for life, a key component of running a successful real estate business. Here are our top three reasons why every real estate professional should invest in a high quality CRM system to be successful:

  1. A good CRM platform will provide you with effective lead incubation features and tools to keep your pipeline consistently full, while not wasting time on leads who are not yet ready to buy. This gives you the time to focus on your hot clients who are ready to buy/sell now, while your CRM platform handles cold prospects until they’re ready for your attention.

  2. A CRM platform should give you significant insight into your clients’ and prospects’ search activity, as well as the ability to collaborate with them during this process in your own private, exclusive environment without the presence of other agents. Advanced insight into how often your prospects and clients log on, how many properties they’ve looked at, their “must have” features (even some they may not realize are “must haves”), properties they’ve added to their Favorites list or rejected and more, gives you a substantial advantage by knowing where your prospects/clients really are in the buy/sell process and exactly what they’re looking for.

  3. Finally, a good CRM platform doesn’t just lose sight of a client after a sale, but provides insight and content that keeps clients coming back again and again even after the sale is complete, helping you stay top of mind and creating clients for life. This content may include relevant emails about the state of the market in your client’s specific area, CRM content that provides post-sale tips on decorating, refurbishing, home repairs, or home valuation content that they can continually check to keep track of their new home’s value, and more.