How To Follow Up With Your Monthly Real Estate Email Newsletter

Published: April 10, 2019
How To Follow Up With Your Monthly Real Estate Email Newsletter

Today we want to cover something that should not always be automated, the personalized follow up to an email. After you send an email blast from your Elevate email marketing platform, you are given a report. This report has open rates, click though rates, who opened it, when they opened, and which links they clicked on. A typical way to "analyze" an email report is to check the open rates and compare it to the last one. Most people stop here. Our advice? Do not stop here.

The purpose of this post is to give you ideas on what you should do to follow up after you send a typical real estate newsletter.


The action: You had 28 clicks on the "view my listings" button. Your follow up to the action: Move everyone to a new list called "interested in listings" and send them "new listing" announcements. Take the ones that clicked on the button more than once and create your call list for the day.

The action: You had 10 clicks on the "view more info" on a listing that you included in your newsletter. Your follow up to the action: Send an auto responder email with the original listing first, and other various listings in the same range. Include a call-to-action under each one that entices them to request a showing for each property. Make sure that call-to-action goes to an appropriate webpage where they can place their request.

__The action: The number of clicks on the local or community events article is much higher than the kitchen renovation article. __ Your follow up to the action: Take note of the popular content and include more of it in the next newsletter. This is how you will shape your newsletter for your audience so that you're giving them the most helpful information that you can.

The action: The click through rate is dropping. Your follow up to the action: There could be a few things going on here. First, you probably need to segment your contacts. Newsletters are great for past clients, but current clients and new leads really need to have their own campaign that is targeted towards their needs. First time home buyers need information on terminology and timelines so that you can meet and exceed their expectation. A second reason your click through rate is low is possibly a lack of calls-to-action. The content you're providing might be great but if you do not give your readers a direction, they won't know where to go. Make sure to place a "request a showing" with a link when you showcase your new listing. Make sure to say "call me today" and provide a phone number when you are asking for a referral.